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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  November 8, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PST

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the world is your oyster, now what? >> dana: there will be change. one thing everybody needs to know as you watch today. tomorrow washington is different because everyone agrees that at least the house is going to go to the republicans and maybe from some of the people that do the dirty jobs that we desperately need across the country will have a little hope as well. >> thank you. but it is not just labor and management, it is energy, it is all of us. >> dana: thank you, mike rowe. thank you for being with us. harris faulkner is up next. here she is. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert. game on. election day in america. voters are hitting the polls from dawn to dusk. choosing who they want to have in the majority in the house and senate. 36 governor seats in play and local leaders including even school board members being chosen today. it is busy and you are on as the voter. i'm harris faulkner and are you in "the faulkner focus."
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44 million americans have already cast an early ballot. polls are now open in 49 of our great 50 states, hawaii opens last in about 59 minutes. each and every vote cast will make up a small part of what our political landscape will look like for the next two years. democrats have been facing increasingly bleak chances in the mid-term elections. president biden even admitting last night it will be an uphill battle for dems. >> what do you think about tomorrow, sir? >> president biden: i'm optimistic. i'm always optimistic. >> will democrats win the house? >> president biden: i think it will be tough but i thick we can. i think we'll win the senate. the house is tougher. >> harris: the super slim majorities in the house. 220 to republicans 212. our fox power rankings this will flip from blue to red is what
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it's showing. we don't know yet how many seats but that's what the fox power rankings are showing. we'll follow it as it happens. the senate is 50/50 with vp kamala harris. there are toss-ups in arizona, pennsylvania and florida. spotlight on pennsylvania is intense. big cash and attention on that senate seat with democrat john fetterman and republican dr. mehmet oz taking their final shots at each other last night. >> i expected to spend my career in serving. and he is just using pennsylvania. please send me to washington, d.c. [cheers and applause] send him back to new jersey. >> washington is getting it
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wrong. there are too many extreme positions in washington. he will bring more extreme. he takes positions that you heard nicki and others describe that are so far radical left it makes no sense. >> harris: former secretary of state mike pompeo is in "focus." first up senior national correspondent rich edson is live in the keystone state in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. rich. >> good morning, harris. steady day here, busy day here so far at polls here in pittsburgh. also in allegany county, braddock, pennsylvania, john fetterman voted there this morning. his hometown and served as mayor there for several years. this morning as he voted we asked him whether democrats were going to hold the senate and control it as they do now. he didn't answer though his campaign says he has difficulty processing audio after his stroke in may.
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he closed his campaign last night with a rally at a carpenter's union in pittsburgh. >> so today is one of the most important races in the country. and there is 100 million reasons why you know that's true. that's how much they have spent trying to bring us down and tear us out. >> allegany county says some of its locations opened late this morning because a few of the buildings were still locked or judges failed to show. officials say it happens on election days and they resolved the issues by 8:00. more than 1.4 million voters statewide requested mail-in ballots and went out several weeks ago. election officials say they've received more than a million back. they need to make it to county offices by the end of today to count. the state supreme court ruled those ballots must have valid dates written on the envelope or those votes will not count. officials here in allegany county say they received more
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than 1,000 ballots without dates or incorrect dates. voters here have today to correct them or cast a provisional ballot. fetterman's campaign has sued arguing ballots with incorrect or missing dates should opportunity. something significant if it makes its way through legal system and have an effect on a very tight race and officials were unable to open the mail-in ballots until 7:00 this morning. so they are expecting it will take a couple of days to count them all. harris, back to you. >> harris: we knew that pennsylvania would be where it is right now a little bit more delayed than other parts of the country and other races. that's not the shocker. i want to drill down on these issues. because democrats have said all along there are no problems going into this and then it was voter access. they've played both sides of the card here. what is the truth about how many percentage-wise of these ballots are really a problem and wouldn't most of them be for
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democrats? >> some of the problem is this is a county by county issue. 67 counties, they are the ones administering a lot of the specifics. in allegany county if you've written the wrong date on your ballot they say come down and fix it. there are other counties where that is not the issue, where their guidance and reading of the law is that what they've got to do is just not count those ballots and set them aside. on top of all that there is a court process ongoing here. the state supreme court sided with the conservatives over the weekend. now the democrats are challenging that and why the ballots are so important and why certainly the fetterman campaign has filed because the vast majority of those ballots typically come from democratic candidates or those who vote for democrats. >> harris: i can't help but state the obvious. of course fetterman's camp will do this because it's how close it will be. it won't be the race that the democrats have been describing as everything goes down to the
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wire at the last second. it has been tight for a while. this speaks to that issue of just how worried they might be if certain votes don't get counted. rich, thank you for getting us started. i will move now to former secretary of state under former president trump mike pompeo now and fox news contributor as well. great to see you today. let's start in pennsylvania and your top line thoughts on really what is happening there. again, so many people, 44 million across the country, have already voted early. >> great to be with you. this is a big day and i hope everybody gets out and vote and do the right thing. they are part of democracy. i think what will happen in pennsylvania is consistent with what will happen across america. people are sick and tired what the democrats have wrought on them and their family. rent is too high, gasoline too expensive. can't find baby formula. southern border wide open. they feel less safe. in pennsylvania folks will vote for things that will make life better for them and their families, voting for dr. oz and
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republicans up and down the ticket from district attorneys races to school boards across the country, america is sick and tired of what the democrats have done. they haven't listened to the american people and i think america will reject those ideas by 8:00 tonight eastern time in pennsylvania. >> harris: i would have to imagine that's some of your closing message. i look at a list now. only a partial list of how many people you have been on the stump for recently. president biden didn't get out nearly as much as you did. you got invited every where. most recently you were here in new york with lee zeldin. what did you see when you were here for the republican in a very blue state? >> lee will be the next governor of new york. it makes me smile, harris. not because lee is a friend and patriot and i love him, but because it's really good for the people of new york. they will have a republican governor who cares about them, who will protect them and keep them safe. it will be a great day. lee has run a really good campaign. he has spoken to the things that
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matter for people in new york. i hear the democrats talking about not getting the message. i'm convinced the voters will send a message to the democrats today. stop this nonsense. stop telling parents they can't take care of their kids in school. keep our streets safe and america will be a better place. i hope governor zeldin is the answer when we wake up tomorrow morning. >> harris: i bet he gets excited hearing you say governor zeldin. we'll cover it as it happens. you said one word twice, an important word not just because we're in new york right now where i am but across the country and particularly democrat-led cities. you said the word safe. >> yeah. american people can feel that. when you go to a walgreens and everything is locked up. when you tell your kid, no i don't think you can ride the subway. why don't you pay more and take a taxi, uber, make sure you walk with 8 or 10 friends. they change the way we live. you can't go out and do the
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things. not just in new york but big cities across the country. in smaller urban areas, too. american people want to feel like the world is in control and whether it was the 13 americans killed in afghanistan or the war in europe, we didn't have those things just two years ago. i think people feel less safe. you see challenges in recruiting in our military today. all these things are manifested because the democrat party has walked away from the central traditions of our country and the american people can feel it. >> harris: as you and i talk we'll be popping up different polling stations. this is live in madison, wisconsin. of course wisconsin is having a big senate race with ron johnson and mandela barnes. obama shored up barnes after he said explosive things about crime. you are talking about that safety as an issue there. i thought i would mention that. i mention you had your own closing argument. you went to see so many
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different candidates and stand next to those republicans. president biden and democrats are pushing their own closing argument down to the wire. here is a taste of theirs. >> democracy is on the ballot. political violence and intimidation on the rise across america. you remember january 6th. we faced an inflection point, one of those moments that comes around every 3 or 4 generations. we know in our bones that our democracy is at risk and we know this is your moment to defend it, preserve and protect it and choose it. >> harris: maybe he can feel that closing argument in his bones. some people in his own parties say that won't get it done. watch this. >> i think there were fool's gold this idea the threat to democracy is so severe in the wake of this insurrection and election deniers grabbing control of the government that that was something you had to talk about. you also have to talk about the economy. i think the tragedy here is the democrats have something to say on the economy and we didn't focus enough fire power on that
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issue and i think it will cost us. >> harris: that's part of what the problem was. they actually don't have something to say on the economy. >> that's exactly right. what are you going to say about an economy driving at a 10% inflation rate? 401ks are down. home heating oil in the northeast may be scarce and really expensive. it gives me no joy to watch people suffer but remarkable to me to watch the democrats talking about messaging when the reality is it's about actions and deeds. things that are real to the american people and to have some fight about who said what and who prioritized something. american people know what the priorities are. leadership should listen and deliver and democrats failed to do that across the country. i think we'll see governor and school board races. i think the governor's race will be closer than anyone thought. these are the things that matter to us.
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we're prepared to go defend and fight for them and we'll vote those people out who made our lives less safe and prosper house. >> harris: don't we'll have a live audience tonight. the school board issues matter to them and some of them will vote split ticket based on that, which is i'm in a cobalt blue state. if they are willing to go across the aisle on that issue that means areas where democrats are in trouble on the ticket with parents and education they could get bitten hard. i want to get to this. the president has railed against republican election deniers. we all know the democrats have a history of this. >> the president will continue to call attention to the threat to democratic integrity and to public safety posed by those who deny the documented truth about election results and those who seek to undermine public faith in our system of government.
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>> right wing extremists already have a plan to literally steal the next presidential election. >> this is not a speech of concession because concession means to acknowledge an action is right, true, or proper. >> harris: now that is rich, secretary pompeo. we have plenty of video of stacey abrams denying the last race she was in and why she lost. >> yeah. and she is going to lose again. this sounds desperate to me, harris. there is a legal process that should be followed and when we do we should recognize the results of the election. it sounds to me grasping at straws when the american people are rejecting the central ideas what it is like for the kids at school. your point about school boards is so right. i did dozens of events across the country over the last 12 to 14 months and you saw parents
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saying mike, i will run for school board. my cousin will get involved and go to the pta meeting. these are just families trying to make sure their kids aren't taught garbage in the schools and civics recognizes the greatness of america. american people are rejecting the panicked desperation and hear former secretary of state clinton says election deniers, that takes a lot of guts. >> harris: you are kind. >> i am trying to be generous. it is a good day for america. >> harris: generosity plus accuracy. i think that's leadership. secretary pompeo, thank you very much. great to have you in "focus." >> have a wonderful day. >> harris: keep is here for full coverage of election night. it kicks off at 6:00 p.m. and we'll take you into the wee hours. you don't want to miss a moment.
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you are part of this. your vote counts. if you did early vote, thank you for voting. for those of you getting to it today, thank you for voting. a dubious honor for the president on the eve of today's elections. last night the "washington post" fact checker awarded him a bottomless pinocchio. i don't know what it is. a really big nose for his seemingly endless debunked claims. we'll bring you the greatest hits. bottomless pinocchio, like forever. a key state in today's vote, wisconsin, has a history of down to the wire elections. >> if we turn out in wisconsin, america will thank you. if we turn out in a way that is strong, this is the beginning of us righting the ship and getting america back on track. >> harris: the race in wisconsin could decide the senate balance of power. i mentioned two of those, pennsylvania and wisconsin.
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those are numbers we'll be watching. it may be stretched a bit because of particularly how they will be counting. pennsylvania didn't get the envelopes even opened until 7:00 a.m. so let's move but we'll continue to cover that. wisconsin's own and former congressman sean duffy is in "focus" with me next. stay close. at newday usa we give veterans the va cash out loan with no upfront costs for an appraisal or termite inspection. no upfront costs at all. let us get your family security of cash in the bank.
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>> harris: voters going to the polls in wisconsin. let's get into that state. the governor's office and senate seat are up for grabs and the races there are so tight local media are describing it this way. wisconsin has not seen races this squeaky tight in decades.
8:23 am
they are saying the point percentages between based on the polling now if the races were to end that way they would make state history they would be so tight. democrat governor tony evers is really fighting for his political life now trying to fend off republican challenger tony michels. but businessman tony mick else is focusing on inflation, crime and education, money in their pocket books and the senate side is very close, too. pitting incumbent republican ron johnson against progressive lieutenant governor mandela barnes. grady trimble live from oshkosh, wisconsin with a little bit of news for us, grady. >> hi, harris, a steady stream of voters at this polling place all morning including senator ron johnson. he cast his vote here about an hour ago. he is encouraging republican voters across the state to do the same. in the days leading up to today
8:24 am
johnson has been crisscrossing wisconsin talking about the key issues you mentioned like inflation, immigration, crime, and education. here is his last-minute election day pitch to voters. >> how are you feeling with the polls so close? >> i'm cautiously optimistic. my message to republican voters, get out and vote get every one of your friends and family members to vote for republicans get out to vote. >> johnson's progressive challenger lieutenant governor mandela barnes has three final campaign events this morning in milwaukee trying to get out the urban vote there. the governor's race between democrat governor evers and republican tim michels could be closer than the senate race. this is a state that's used to close elections but if both of these offices on the same ballot are decided by less than three points it would be a first in state history.
8:25 am
harris. >> harris: thanks for cleaning up. i think i called them both tony, which is my husband. it is tim michels. he has made it very interesting because of his business acu men. something that people are comfortable with when it comes to money issues. that's the number one focus now. grady, thank you very much. let's talk to somebody who knows wisconsin well. sean duffy, former wisconsin congressman. how surprised are you these races are so tight? >> the polling says they're tight, harris, but i think the polling, like what happened in 2020 and 2018 is a little bit off. i think republicans are doing better than the polls would indicate. remember the waukesha christmas parade killer, daryl brooks junior? that sits in the minds of a lot of suburban women in southeast wisconsin, kenosha riots. crime is a big deal. if you go up to the northern part of the state it is rural.
8:26 am
sometimes there are more cows than people. you about if you add up rural wisconsin they travel long distances, gas prices matter to a lot of these folks. i think wisconsin looks good for ron johnson. i think the governor's race will be a little bit tighter. you are right. tim michels has a message on the economy that resonates. he is a business guy and created jobs and signed the checks. across the country democrats have been -- today they are dusting themselves off and standing up and punching democrats in the nose because they're angry democrats haven't listened to them. you have democrats coming over and saying in this election i'll vote for republicans because i'm so angry with what you've done to my livelihood, schools, border, future. i am voting republican one time. lee zeldin is another example of that. >> harris: mike pompeo was
8:27 am
excited about the fact he got to say the word governor zeldin. we'll cover the news as it happens. i'm sure lee zeldin would be thrilled. let's talk energy for a second. you're right. i've lived in rural kansas where it is a joke that the livestock out numbered us. sometimes it was true. but you know what else we needed? we needed diesel. you talked about gas prices. a lot of people think about the cars they're driving and it is super high compared to two years ago as well. diesel prices have a double edged sword that we have so little in the pipeline now literally. it has to be tapped from the reserve. >> it is a real issue. it is more inflation on the horizon if diesel prices rise it touches everything from the trucks that ship goods across the country and the farm equipment that grows the food. i think the american people are smarter than what democrats are giving them credit for and they understand all the biden democrat policies on energy are
8:28 am
effecting their everyday lives and they could fix it. they don't want to. you could make my life better. change the policy. you refuse to do it because rich liberal he leitz don't care about gas prices because they have so much money. >> harris: and they live in places where they're driven around most likely. you brought up something in terms of where people's realities are. we know where joe biden's reality is as president of the united states. he wants to kill coal. he is telling us in his wrap-up speech. it will probably cost him more seats in certain places. we know that it wasn't an accident to let some of these prices rise. your last quick thought and we have to move. >> he is like a doctor, do no harm. the closing days of the campaign he is talking about killing coal and drilling. that's a bad message when people are already crushed by fool prices. i think democrats are sad he
8:29 am
made those statements and with words troubling for democrats trying to win races. >> harris: good to see you. you mentioned it. mike pompeo mentioned it. the potential of turning blue seats, governor seats turning them red. >> 100%. the governor's race in wisconsin i think is trailing the senate race but i do think that race is trending republican. governor evers is an educator. his whole career spent his time in education. education in wisconsin like every where else across the country is failing. an education guy should fix education in the state. when you fail there and he failed on the economy we will go to the guy who says i will get the economy right and give moms and dads the decision making for their kids' future. the message war has played out so well for republicans.
8:30 am
>> harris: it took them so long to come up with a a message. let's get in more about the governors' seats. >> lee zeldin is in a great position. the fact we're talking about a republican winning in new york and in places like oregon, that is because the democrats have failed at every level. >> harris: the race for new york governor, you heard sean duffy, mike pompeo, a lot of people talking about it in new york is closer than it has been in more than 20 years. the new claims that democrat incumbent kathy hochul is making as the issue of crime has taken center stage in the contest of putting her in a deep hole. tammy bruce in "focus" next.
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>> harris: the top issue of crime is driving the race for governor in new york. look, there is no getting around talking about this race. if you are in the city, i don't live here, i live in jersey. when i come and go to work everybody is talking about this race. not like they've never had a republican governor before it is just kathy hochul was the first woman and so celebrated. democrats loved her. how could she have lost so many points so quickly? it is crime. at least six more attacks in the subway system. she and the mayor of the city of new york say we're having a perception problem here. no, no, no, no, it is real. republican challenger lee zeldin's campaign promises to confront crime. governor hochul still says there is nothing to see here even
8:37 am
after videos day after day. >> he has been hyperventilating trying to scare people for months and new yorkers are onto it. all the legitimate media organizations have called him out for what he is doing, fear mongering. zblie want to work with everybody. my first call wednesday morning will be to mayor adams. i look forward to writing a story how well governor zeldin is working with mayor adams to save this city. >> harris: i would like to be a fly on the wall. behind mayor adams is a very liberal d.a. and that's part of the problem driving what we see here. alexis mcadams is live with more. >> hi, as you said it is what people are feeling on the streets of new york city when you head to the subway. people are trying to avoid it because they are afraid they'll be shoved on the tracks and the videos pop up all the time. something that is a hot topic for governor in new york and why
8:38 am
the race is so close. it is all about crime. listen. >> one of the big problems when they arrest people they can't do anything. even if they do put cops in the subways and such things they can't make a difference because it's a revolving door. >> that was a voter i just talked to a half hour ago. that's what people are saying here as they come in and out of the polls. hochul shifted her focus to crime launching a new subway safety initiative saying her opponent is trying to scare people to get votes. >> i have been in the subways and stood there with mayor adams a few days ago talking about an intelligent plan not just scare people to say -- you can scare people but i'm working on the real solution. >> congressman lee zeldin who cast his ballot this morning has been talking about crime since day one and worked to tie
8:39 am
hochul's policies to the rise in crime across new york. he wants to get alvin brag out of office and vowing to work with new york city mayor eric adams. >> to fight rising crime. he has asked to give judges discretion, overhauling cashless bail. there is a lot for us to do to make our streets and subways safer. >> voters say they do feel a change in new york in the past two years or so. they don't feel safe walking around according to the voter who said he moved back to new york and noticed the big change. they want to see whoever is the next governor of new york make some big changes to help keep the city safe. we'll keep a close eye in the race in deep blue new york. a lot closer than many people expected. >> harris: 100% there. it isn't just about perception versus reality with these candidates. it is also what they can do.
8:40 am
this is a state where they can recall that prosecutor, the d.a. in new york city. not every state can do that. whoever sits on top of the ticket in the governor's office can make immediate change and lee zeldin said he wanted to do that. let's bring in tammy bruce, fox news contributor in "focus." when you look at what people are going through and the random nature of crime, that's what is driving a lot of the fear. and to have leadership at the top not recognize that until polling showed that crime was the key issue for voters, i mean, the tone deafness is really painful. >> that's it. even in addressing it, it is to dismiss it. so yes, hochul came in she was appointed after cuomo resigned and it is not necessarily the crime that's harming her, it is the snooty nose up in the air smug attitude. >> harris: it is not the crime, it's the cover-up. >> she says she was in the
8:41 am
subway with eric adams with their armed guards for a minute and then they leave. so this is what new yorkers and americans in general, we know that governing is difficult. we know there is always going to be issues. but my goodness they are oozing contempt. they are oozing this like they are irritated that we showed up and that we are having a life experience. and for them it is, as biden would say, a painful transition. they use the phrase about breathing room. that's what you say when you are the mob and you ing money and they say we'll give you some breathing room for a week before we break your legs. we don't want breathing room. we want changes. they are going to be taken seriously and i think hochul will find that out today. >> harris: where alexis mcadams just was there was robust in-person turnout. democrats are talking about how well they do in early voting.
8:42 am
the turnout in the early days in new york is overwhelmingly democratic and it was light as of 8:00 a.m. we had nearly 1.5 million. one political consultant telling the "new york post" the lack of enthusiasm for governor hochul's campaign is validated by these mediocre early voting numbers. congressman lee zeldin has a higher possibility of winning based on these numbers. tammy. >> this is going to be the issue. every race is local effectively and it is about getting out the vote. it's about the nature of how you count the votes. you are organizing. the democrats have had a much longer history of organizing on the ground. that's what they do all year long. in this particular case i wish that the democrats would be voting because they don't have to vote for the democrat, right? go out there and give someone else a chance today. it is not forever. it can't -- at least recognize
8:43 am
we exist and are human beings. go out there and vote. for the democrats i think it could be a good lesson of the fact it is their vote and it can be for anyone and it should not be taken for granted. >> harris: that's so interesting. what a closing statement by a republican candidate if they would so choose to do that. you can change things for the moment and still call yourself whatever you want to call yourself. that's fascinating. my very smart friend tammy bruce, thank you. good to have you in "focus." all right. so here is what's coming up tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern with bret baier and martha maccallum and i will be with you throughout the evening. we'll hear from what we do hear on "the faulkner focus." we'll do voters' voices talking with a live audience. not one voter at a time. we'll have a bunch live in studio about the issues that are most important to them. what drove them to go vote and why did so many people vote early? we have some people from
8:44 am
pennsylvania in our audience. that will be a fascinating conversation to have. it all begins again 6:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox news channel. a rematch in the battle for georgia governor. early voting is at a record high but that's not stopping democrats from claiming there is voter suppression, people can't get to the polls. inflation's eating into everyone's budget, but if you're a veteran and own your home, you've got a big leg up. it's your va home loan benefit. it lets you borrow up to a full 100% of your home's value. with home values near record highs, the newday 100 va loan can get you an average of $60,000. and you can lower your payments by $600 a month. pay down your high-rate credit card debt, personal loans, car loans. best of all, there are absolutely no upfront
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>> harris: a high profile rematch in georgia. democrat stacey abrams trying to unseat brian kemp and the candidates didn't hold back. >> she has been the one that's been destroying trust in the voting system for ten years and she has profited personally from that. >> we believe that we are on a path to victory if we can get all the voters turned out and navigate the difficulties to not only game the system but to suppress voting in the state of georgia because of kemp and the secretary of state. >> i know she is smart enough to count. early voting hit a record -- a record of 2.5 million votes.
8:50 am
voter suppression, though, is part of the closing statement from stacey abrams. how can this be? she stuck to it, forgetting about the facts that we just showed you. let's bring in now jonathan serry live at a polling station in georgia. sorry for the pause. it has been very active people early voting. they could do it in person and so on and so forth. this argument down the stretch just tone deaf on the issues. >> stacey abrams is saying that the high voter turnout is taking place in spite of georgia's new voting law which she opposes. some of the main provisions sets i.d. requirements and also regulates absentee ballot drop
8:51 am
boxes introduced during the pandemic. governor brian kemp who signed the law into effect voted earlier this morning with his family in the northeastern part of the state saying the election integrity makes it easy to vote and hard to cheat. republicans say it is common sense not to place ballot boxes outdoors and verify voters through photo i.d. >> we have been sued by the democrat and republican party over signature match. what i did say when i was running? we need to move to an objective criteria. that's what we've done. >> opposition has been a rallying cry for democrats. abrams blasted a new provision that blocks third parties from providing food, drink or other free things to voters standing in line at polling locations. >> you have to stand in line for more than two hours i hope you brought your water bottle.
8:52 am
brian kemp made it illegal for someone to give you a cup of water. >> governor kemp may be less vulnerable to this type of criticism from democrats. after all, he resists election deniers within his own party. he has been focusing on the economy, which seems to be polling much higher among georgia voters as far as their main concerns. harris. >> harris: that's because if you talk to anybody in the state they care about that. i don't know how many people she talked to. we'll move on. charlie hurt, washington times opinion editor, marie harf former state department spokesman under barack obama. fox news contributor. why this argument, marie harf? >> because it's true. under this election law it is harder for counties where there are majority democrats or people of color to use a drop box. >> 2.5 million people managed to do it just fine in early voting. >> a lot of people are turning
8:53 am
out. stacey abrams is talking about economics. >> harris: i don't think both things can be true. i don't think you can wear a sandal on the same foot you have a stiletto. >> can i finish my sentence first? a lot of people are turning out and the early voting numbers are interesting. i think we'll get a lot of split ticket voters between kemp and vote -- >> harris: doesn't have anything to do with voter suppression. i don't understand how it becomes a closing argument in a state where yes, you really -- their inflation in the state of georgia is higher than the national rate. it is 9%. you need to talk about the economy. i hear you marie but i'm wondering why is she still focused on voter suppression and brian kemp isn't there with her. that's why this is looking the way it does. charlie. >> no. one of the basic rules about politics is if you talk about process instead of issues you are losing. process always loses.
8:54 am
you are exactly right. the reason people are showing up at the polls today has nothing to do with the voter integrity act. it has everything to do with the fact that people are paying more at the gas pump and the grocery store and worried about crime and the border. that's why people are showing up to vote in droves. the fact that stacey abrams and democrats have spent so much time calling this jim crow 2.0, which is patently absurd, we now see is a completely. not only are they talking about process and ignoring the issues people care about, but they are lying about the process. >> harris: marie, your chance to rebut and we'll end the show. >> i think stacey abrams is talking about this to really implore her voters to get out saying i know this is more difficult. i know it is more challenging in democratic areas and why i need you to go to the polls for all of those economic reasons that she is also talking about. and we'll see later today in the coming days whether that works. >> harris: i don't know, telling
8:55 am
more people that that he e they are victims rather than incentivizing them for great ideas and giving them a reason to come to the polls seems lazy to me. you do have an option and people are doing this across the country, 44 million early voters. all right. i'll move. it is great to see you both. happy election day. "outnumbered" is after the break. all across the country, people are working hard to build a better future. so we're hard at work helping them achieve financial freedom. we're proud to serve people everywhere, in investing for the retirement they envision. from the plains to the coasts, we help americans invest for their future. and help communities thrive.
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enjoy all the benefits of the only medicare advantage plans with the aarp name. take advantage now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> is finally november 8th, "outnumbered," on harris faulkner with emily compagno and kayleigh mcenany, and martha maccallum and bret baier. i feel like a wrestling announcer. [laughter]


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